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Background task installed by MusicMatch Jukebox and which provides support for Universal Plug and Play devices (e.g. Apple's iPod, or a Digital Media Receiver (DRM)) so that these devices can access the songs in your music library. At the time of writing, 24-Jun-2006, most Digital Media Receivers (DMR) take the form of a piece of Hi-Fi equipment which can connect wirelessly to your PC or PC network, and play music (or music playlists) stored on your PC or network. For example, you would have your Digital Media Receiver in the living room connect wirelessly to your PC in your study or one of the spare rooms, and play music files or music playlists stored on the PC. MM_SERVER is the program which streams the songs to the Digital Media Receiver (which has no storage capacity of its own).

MM_Server.exe Recommendation :

Essential if you have a Universal Plug and Play device such as an Apple iPod or if you use a Digital Media Receiver as explained above, otherwise you can disable this task on the Startups tab.

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