Program Name :


NASvc.exe Manufacturer :

Nero AG

NASvc.exe Status :

User's Choice NASvc.exe

NASvc.exe Description :

Nero Auto-Update Service. Background service installed by a Nero product, such as Nero BackitUp, Nero Burning ROM, Nero Multimedia. The role of this service is to update your Nero software automatically in the background.

NASvc.exe Recommendation :

At the time of writing, 19-Sep-2010, we cannot see any reason for having this service set to automatically start at every Windows boot-up.

Firstly : there are still too many issues with Nero's automatic updates, most of them to do with this service not working properly and the Control Centre update feature not working as a result. Secondly, add to this that, because of the type of products they are, none of the Nero products are products with frequent updates. Thirdly, in our experience of their products Nero have an unreliable updates history, so much so that we've taken to having the habit of keeping all old installation CDs and downloads, and, whenever possible, we always keep the old version installed as well in case the new version has terrible bugs. In short, Nero's updates often do a disservice to the quality of the product that they are updating.

For all these reasons our policy is to always set the startup mode of this service to Manual on the Services tab. This ensures that this service does not automatically start at every Windows boot-up whilst at the same time allowing the Control Centre update function to work on the rare occasions that you may need it.

This background service normally uses 3Mb to 7Mb of memory.

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